My name is Gillian Shaw and I live in Vancouver where I’m a writer for The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia News. I cover technology and digital life.  Digital life pretty much describes daily life for many people now – it certainly does for me.

You can find my writing online and in print but that’s only part of what I do. As a journalist coming from what is termed ‘traditional media,’  a term I hope will soon disappear to become just media, erasing the distinctions and divisions of old and new media, I’d describe my work now as content creation.

I write the words, I create videos, I play around with photography – emphasis on the play – and I study and am engaged in social media, learning how it is transforming journalism.

My personal blog is sort of my ‘what I did on my summer holidays’ space.  It’s random thoughts, experiences and sharing some of what I do.

My blog at The Vancouver Sun is here.  More contact info is on my contact page.

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